Creating A Bar Space In Your Home

Many of us enjoy entertaining in our homes. But when it comes to keeping our guests happy, sometimes we panic about creating a memorable experience that will have them excited to return for your next event!
Setting up an at-home bar area is a fantastic way to create a gathering space for your guests to enjoy. We have some tips to share with you to help you get started.

Determine your needs. Think about how frequently you entertain, and what that normally looks like. Do you have large family parties with guests of all ages, or smaller gatherings things with close friends? This will help determine the amount of space you may want to dedicate to entertaining. For a smaller gathering, a bar cart is a great place to start. It can be stocked to hold the essentials, and more often than not, will have wheels that are great for bringing your entertainment space with you, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor gathering.

If you are someone who entertains a larger group of people, The RTA Store has you covered. Did you know that we have Bar Room Cabinets? Bar Cabinetry is a great way to customize your entertaining space to fit your needs. From a small section in your kitchen to a dedicated wet bar area, our cabinetry is multifunctional and is the perfect storage solution for your entertaining needs. It creates space for your beverages, and many other entertaining essentials such as snacks, or games for an amazing game night!

Grab the basics. Any well-put-together bar is well stocked and ready to go. You’ll want to have your traditional offerings, as well as nonalcoholic options, to fit everyone’s needs. Make sure to also have plenty of ice! Nobody wants a warm drink, so ice is a must-have for any bar area.

You may also want to consider a mini-fridge, as this is a great storage option, especially for housing quick-grab items like water, juice boxes, and snacks for children of family and friends you may be entertaining.

Don’t forget the glassware! While essential to the function of your bar, glassware is also a great way to add decorative flair and personality to your bar space. Consider open shelving above your bar space to display your assortment of glassware… It is eye-catching and will really elevate the look of your bar space.

Consider a coffee bar. Coffee bars have become very popular amongst the coffee lover, and now with so many options available for making your favorite brews at home, a coffee bar is a great way to elevate a part of your daily routine. When entertaining, guests will love having a great cup of coffee to relax with in your home.

No matter how you choose to entertain, our design team is here to help you fit an at-home bar into your living space! Get started today with your own personal design expert who will be sure to bring your entertaining dreams to reality.