Creative Craft Room Storage Ideas

For some, dream kitchens and bathrooms top their home remodeling planner or fill countless Pinterest boards, but for others, it’s all about the craft room. Designing a designated maker space can be a fun endeavor that allows your creativity to shine. Whether it’s a cool cave in the garage, a cozy kitchen crafting nook, or a clever home office space where you can release your inner artist, here are some creative storage ideas to get you started on your dream craft room design.

Cozy Kitchen Crafting Nook

Cooking and baking in the kitchen is a creative endeavor in and of itself, but sometimes you just want to spread out on the kitchen island and make handmade jewelry or scented artisan soaps. Carving out a cozy nook in the kitchen can be the ideal storage solution for crafters, makers and artists, with a designated area of custom cabinets just for housing project materials, tools, and other essentials. When designing your kitchen with a member of our team, be sure to include a craft area in your layout that complements your selection of kitchen cabinet finishes, or consider converting a closet or pantry to suit your needs. 

Clever Crafty Home Office

Whether you want to turn an existing home office into a multipurpose space or have the extra square footage for a dream craft room, cabinetry is essential. Like a kitchen island, a large desktop can serve as a work surface for creative tasks, while custom cabinets keep crafting supplies and tools organized and easily accessible while stored neatly behind closed doors. Adding a portable cart can help to corral and keep items for a given project close at hand, and it also allows you the freedom to continue to work in other rooms throughout the home when the mood strikes.   

Cool Garage Craft Cave

Steve Jobs once said, “I sat in a garage and invented the future.” It seems the garage is a natural place for creative minds to putter and create, whether you are building a kitchen table for your home, working on a science project with your kids, or inventing something innovative that will change the world. If you love to DIY and dream up cool things to create, an organized garage with a workstation can open up a whole new world of possibilities. We’re not saying the Apple computer would not exist without custom cabinets in the garage, but adding them to your home remodeling planner may just help you achieve what would otherwise be impossible by giving you the space and tools needed to let your imagination soar.   

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