How To Design A Kid-Friendly Kitchen

As a parent, you know that the kitchen can be a fun place for children to learn and explore, but it can also be extremely messy — and potentially dangerous. Renovation project planning can ensure that your kitchen is a safe space for your kids to hang out. Here are a few design tips to help guide you through your kitchen remodel.













Opt for an open concept floor plan.

This trendy kitchen floor plan also makes multitasking as a parent a breeze. If you find yourself running from one room to the next while getting ready for school in the morning or making dinner at night, knocking down a few walls could solve your problems.

By choosing an open concept floor plan for your kitchen design, you’ll be able to manage more people while also checking more things off your to-do list. Imagine making lunches in the kitchen while still having your eye on the kids eating breakfast at the dining room table or playing in the TV room. You’ll have less steps on your tracker but more peace of mind!

Install a kitchen island.

Installing a kitchen island, especially one that is appliance free, is a great addition for a home with kids. Whether you have young ones playing with cereal in their highchairs or older kids working on homework, a kitchen island provides a space close to the action but still a safe distance away.

Today, most renovation project planning includes the installation of a kitchen island, so this design addition is probably already on your mind. By foregoing an island with appliances, you can allow the island to be a designated space for your kids and also eliminate some of the common kitchen hazards.












Go with easy-to-clean surfaces.

Most parents feel like they are always wiping up messes in the kitchen. While we can’t eliminate the splashes and spills your kids make, we can guide you to some materials that make clean up a whole lot easier.

A glass tile backsplash, quartz countertops, and wood-look tile flooring are a few of our favorite materials for busy kitchens. When designing your kid-friendly dream kitchen, you don’t want to compromise style for function. All of these materials are durable and incredibly easy to clean.

From your glass tile backsplash to your wood-look tile floors, you’ll have a kitchen filled with non-porous, stain-resistant materials that will look top of the line while also being low maintenance. Functionality and flair is possible!

Clear the clutter with Inside cabinet accessories and storage solutions.

Kids will turn anything into a toy, so if you’d rather keep your recycling in the bin and not have your S&P shakers dancing on the floor, inside cabinet accessories will be your best friend.

These racks, trays, bins and sliders will organize your life while also keeping your kitchen essentials (and trash) hidden from your little ones. We can all appreciate when our kid prefers the box to the toy — but no one wants their kitchen turned upside down by a toddler. Put everything away and keep it there with inside cabinet accessories and child lock safety latches.


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