New Year’s Resolution: Organize Your Kitchen!

Maybe your kitchen looks a little disheveled in the aftermath of holiday hosting. Or maybe getting it in order was on your list of things to do last year, but you never got around to it. Whatever your reason, organizing your kitchen is a great resolution for the New Year, and these five tips will help you make it happen. Here’s to a year of being able to find things in the kitchen!
Gather up underused and worn out items
Has that scratched, non-stick skillet seen better days? Do you have casserole dishes you’ve never touched? These are good examples of items that don’t belong in your kitchen. Toss out items that are overly worn or donate items that you’ve never or rarely used. If you’re unsure about an item or it has sentimental value, store it in a labeled box in the attic. If you don’t use it or think about it in the next year—let it go!
Organize pots and lids
Now that you’ve created extra space, it’s time to organize the things you do use. Pull out all of your pots and their lids and match them up. Next, organize them by size or how much you use them. A pull-out cookware organizer can be a life saver for organizing bulky pots and lids. This one provides pot storage on the bottom and lid storage on the top—perfect for easy identification and access!
Corral the spices
Spices are essential to cooking, which is why they often end up in a disorganized mess. They get used every day but rarely end up in the right spot! Before organizing them, check for expired spices and give them the boot. Next, label the tops with the spice name for easy identification if you’re storing them in a lower shelf, or use the untapped space on the back of cabinet doors to store them with this door mounting spice rack.

Clear off countertops
Appliances and decorative items have a way of migrating to kitchen countertops and making a home there. A good rule of thumb to use when deciding what stays is to consider how often you use them. Keep out things you use every day or a few times a week, like the coffee pot, and finding a storage place for everything else. Check out our under cabinet Mixer Lift Up which frees up counter space and makes storing this bulky appliance a breeze!
Free up space under the sink
This popular kitchen storage spot can get messy in a hurry. One of our favorite organizational tips is to hang a tension rod under the sink and then hang cleaners and other items from it! If you keep a small waste basket under there, try our Pivot-Out Waste Container,which keeps trash hidden and contained. It also has a handle to make taking it out a cinch!

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