The Secret to Maximizing a Small Bathroom Space

Got a small bathroom space and want to know how you can make it look and feel larger? The secret is using some creative space planning, and choosing the right colors, fixtures, and materials. Let’s explore a few options.

Install a Wall Mounted or Corner Vanity

When planning for a petite sized bathroom, choose a small vanity that’s wall mounted and floats above the floor. Visually this will make the room feel larger and will still give you storage for small items.

A corner vanity is another great alternative for a small bathroom because it doesn’t disrupt the natural flow of traffic within the space.

Color and Texture

When considering paint and tile colors for your cozy bathroom think light! Choose paint and tile colors that are either white or neutral, as lighter colors make rooms appear larger, where darker colors can make a room feel smaller.

If you want to get more creative with the décor of your bathroom, you can also play with texture to give your bathroom a little more flair.

Shower Curtains

Who would think something as simple as a shower curtain could help make a small bathroom feel larger?

Shower curtains are not a fixed item like a glass door that either slides back and forth or opens into the room. A light colored or clear shower curtain adds just the right amount of flexibility and softness to a cozy bathroom and can make it feel larger.

Install a Glass Panel Instead of a Shower Door

A shower door that opens into a room is great…if you have the room for it. If not, an excellent alternative is to install a fixed clear glass panel.

The clear glass panel will function as a barrier to keep water from spraying all over your bathroom, and it will also act as a window, visually making your space look and feel larger.

Replace Your Large Toilet for a More Compact Version

Select a compact toilet with an elongated front. Not only will you save a little space, you’ll also save a few bucks as newer models are more energy efficient and use less water.

Choose a Smaller or Wall Mounted Faucet

While you may not think of a faucet as a space saver, choosing a faucet with a single-hole mount can save you lots of space on your sink.

If your budget can handle it, have a professional plumber install a wall mounted faucet. This will allow you to select a narrower vanity or sink and give you much needed space in your small bathroom.

Install a Large Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to fool the eye. Installing a large mirror on one wall of your bathroom can visually make your bathroom feel larger.

Need some help choosing a small bathroom vanity or faucet? Give us a call and let one of our qualified interior designers and specialists help you select the right size vanity and faucet for your bathroom.