Remodeling Bathroom Cabinets - Double Sink Vanity

Bathroom Remodeling for First Timers

One of the first things to consider with a bathroom remodel is how you might change the layout. The bathroom will already have plumbing set up for particular layout options, but this can be changed if you'd prefer a different option and are willing to expand your budget.

The toilet is one item which you won't want to move but a few inches from where it already is because of the stack drain. You'll want to consider how many people are using the bathroom and how that might affect the amount of space necessary. For example, you might go with a double vanity if more than one person will regularly use the bathroom. Or consider adding a medicine cabinet to your bathroom wall for extra storage.

Starting from the Ground Up

Keep in mind that a subfloor and underlayment are necessary to avoid water damage. Next,you can think about appearance and the type of materials you'd like to use, such as tile, marble, or linoleum. Once you know the layout of your bathroom, you'll know where to cut the holes in the floor and subfloor to hook up the plumbing.

Before actually hooking it up, make sure that the water lines are turned off. Once the drain lines are connected, you can begin placing the toilet, sink and shower/tub. Then you can coordinate your bath hardware, cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls with the fixtures you've selected for your new bathroom.

Keeping it Safe

You will also want to think about ventilation, or how your bathroom will air out. You have a few different options including ceiling fan, in-line fans, vent switches, and wall-mount fans. Ventilation prevents moisture buildup and therefore structural damage. 

And, of course, you'll want to consider safety as well. Research features such as non-slip surfaces and safety grab bars that can keep you and your family safe in the bathroom.


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