In The Zone: How To Maximize Storage Space In Your Pantry

Do you have a strategy for putting away groceries? Most of us don’t have a method to the madness. Wherever there’s shelf space usually suffices. We don’t even take a second to think which types of cabinets are best for storing kitchenware vs. food items. Or what we should really be keeping in our pantry.

While the status quo might be working okay, you already know things could be better. The problem with scattered shelves is that you can never find what you’re looking for. This leads to frantic meal preparation and buying items you already have. These zoning tips will help you achieve some serious #pantrygoals and maximize your storage space.

Are you ready to get organized? Let’s do this!

Step 1: The Purge

Woman Reaching Into PantryIf this step reminds you of a scary movie, well, it should. Purging your pantry is by far the hardest part of organizing it. But don’t worry. Once it’s done, it’ll be well worth it! Just imagine walking into your open concept kitchen to prepare a meal and being able to easily find everything you need for the night’s menu.

Your first goal here is to get rid of expired or unwanted items. Check all of the dates (yes, all!) and throw out anything that is definitely not at its best. Next, put together a donation pile of any items you really won’t be using. Like what? How about that spicy Thai chicken noodle eggplant soup that sounded super interesting but you’d never actually bring yourself to eat? It’s time to let that can go. Your local food bank can definitely put some of your non-perishables to better use.

Step 2: Get In The Zone

Now before you put anything back, you need to designate zones in your pantry. Each of us will have different zones because we all have different lifestyles. Some of us are bakers, some love making dinner at home, and others have kids they pack lunch for. Create zones that reflect the different types of meals your family eats. You can create vertical zones, horizontal zones, or both! Try to utilize your space wisely for the number of zones you need and then label each. You can put one label per area or label each shelf within that zone.

Step 3: Make The Most Of Your Pantry

You already know we’re big fans of inside cabinet accessories for different types of cabinets. The same concept applies to the pantry. From a spice rack that can hang on the interior of your pantry door to hanging baskets that hook to shelves, there are plenty of ways to increase the storage possibilities within your pantry. Labeled baskets and clear containers are also key to pantry organization.

Step 4: Put Away Your Pantry Items

If you have a kitchen island or open concept kitchen, your pantry is probably spread out all over your countertops at this point. Now it’s time to get those items back inside the pantry and in their zone!

Pantry organizing is an art not a science, so if you find yourself wondering if the peanut butter is a snack or a packed-lunch essential, don’t stress. Just go with what feels more intuitive. In no time, you’ll master your pantry and start remembering exactly where everything is.

Step 5: Create Cooking Solutions

Jars Filled With PastasDo you sometimes need a really easy dinner or have impromptu guests? Use baskets to organize items that can solve some of your most common cooking problems. Within your dinner zone, keep a basket with pasta and jars of your favorite tomato sauce. Whenever you’re in a pinch, just grab that basket to whip up an easy pasta dinner. You can even throw in mushrooms, spinach or any other fresh veggies you have on hand, and add a sprinkle of Parmesan for a hot, home cooked meal on a hectic evening.

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