Thankful for the Laughs: Our 4 Favorite Thanksgiving Episodes

Some of our favorite Thanksgivings are ones we’ve never actually attended … in person at least. However, watching them on TV made us feel like we were sitting down at the dinner table filled with friends, family, and even high school enemies. Our four favorite holiday episodes will get you in the Thanksgiving spirit—or at least make you thankful for the laughter they bring. Enjoy!
Friends, ‘The One with the Rumor’
Why we love it: Friends is known for their Thanksgiving episodes, but Joey wearing his “thanksgiving pants” (aka all of Rachel and Phoebe’s maternity pants) may be the top reason we love this episode so much (except for Brad Pitt’s appearance of course!).
Recap: Joey puts on layers of the maternity pants after learning that nobody except Ross and Monica will be eating Thanksgiving turkey. So Joey decides he (and his pants) will take on the 19-pound turkey to make sure none of it goes to waste. Thanksgiving is nearly spoiled when Brad Pitt’s character shows up and brings up an old high school rumor about Rachel at the dinner table. But of course, the gang remains friends in the end.

Everybody Loves Raymond, ‘No Fat’
Why we love it: If you’ve ever had a tofurky at your Thanksgiving table when you were expecting the real thing, this episode is great consolation. Our favorite line is when Raymond exclaims, “Look how it jiggles!” It’s an episode the whole family can laugh along with.

Recap: Raymond’s mom, Marie, makes a tofurky, complete with fake legs, in order to make Thanksgiving healthier. Debra, Raymond’s wife, makes all the men take a bite of the “bean curd bird” to show Marie their appreciation for cooking the meal. However, swallowing it is anything but easy. Finally “an angel of mercy” (the delivery guy) knocks on the door with a real turkey that Raymond ordered behind his mom’s back.
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving TV Special
Why we love it: It’s a classic! Watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving every year is a tradition the whole family will love.

Recap: Once again, Charlie Brown gets duped into kicking the football by Lucy, this time by her telling him it’s a Thanksgiving tradition. And once again Charlie Brown ends up on the ground. Will he ever learn? After that, Peppermint Patty invites herself and a few friends over to Charlie Brown’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. However, Charlie Brown already has plans to go to his grandmother’s house to eat. With the help of Snoopy and Woodstock, Charlie throws a last minute Thanksgiving feast complete with ice cream sundaes, toast, pretzels, popcorn and jelly beans. In the end, Charlie Brown’s grandmother invites all of his friends to eat a “proper” Thanksgiving meal at her house.

How I Met Your Mother, ‘Slapsgiving’
Why we love it: Getting together with family and friends at Thanksgiving can always be a bit dysfunctional. We appreciate the way HIMYM embraces the dysfunction!

Episode recap: In this special episode, it’s the crew’s first Thanksgiving together, and Marshall and Lily’s first as husband and wife. However, a previous slap-bet Barney lost comes back to haunt him as Marshall deems Thanksgiving—Slapsgiving.